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Ibiza 2023 Boat Party after-movie

We've hosted countless Kinky Malinki boat parties over the years, but let me give you a sneak peek into our very first Sunset Boat Party in Ibiza! 🌅🚤

We kicked off the day with a pre-party at Itaca, setting the mood for what was to come. Then, we embarked on a mesmerizing 4-hour journey into the heart of the ocean, surrounded by the most breathtaking blue skies you can imagine! 🌊☀️ We sailed back just as the sun was setting, creating a magical moment that words can't truly capture.

But the fun didn't stop there! We concluded the evening with our official after-party back at Itaca, keeping the energy alive. 🎉✨

What an absolutely incredible day-into-night party experience in Ibiza! 🌴🥳 Ibiza 2023 was nothing short of magical, and now, I'm bursting with excitement to share our plans for Ibiza 2024. Stay tuned for more unforgettable moments and parties that will take your breath away! 🌟🎶💃 Click the play below:

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