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Ms Abigail Bailey Live PA at Vocal House Brunch

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

The amazing singer behind the dance anthem "I Just Can't Get Enough," Abigail Bailey, is a fan favourite at the Vocal House Brunch. Abigail has a plethora of expertise in the house music industry, and she always performs with enthusiasm and intensity. We can't wait to welcome her back to the stage on Saturday, March 25. We had the chance to ask Abigail a few questions about her music, her career, and her outlook on the future of house music before she makes her appearance.

Q1 What led you to Kinky Malinki's Vocal House Brunch, and how did you become involved with the event?

Abigail Bailey: "The Vocal House Brunch is such a special occasion that honours Classic House Music and unites a wide group of music lovers. I have a long history with the Kinky Malinki brand as I used to be a resident DJ and vocalist for them. I have been fully involved with the launch of Vocal House Brunch following a conversation with Paul Crane the brand owner 4 years ago when he was planning on launching the new concept, I leaped at the chance to take part and be fully involved." Q2 In your performance, what timeless house anthems can we anticipate hearing from you, and why are these songs so meaningful to you?

Abigail Bailey: "I don't want to reveal too much, though! But you can expect to hear some of the great hits that I've been known for over the years, including 'I Just Can't Get Enough' and 'Touch Me'. These songs hold a very important place in my heart because they were the ones that made the strongest connections with listeners and launched my career in the house music industry." Q3 How do you get ready for a live performance, and what are your goals for the Vocal House Brunch stage?

Abigail Bailey: "It's important to prepare for a live performance, and I prefer to make sure I'm physically and mentally prepared to give it my all on stage. That entails getting lots of rest, warming up your voice, and practising with the VHB DJs. It's all about energy and connection when it comes to what I intend to bring to the stage at the Vocal House Brunch. I want to create an atmosphere that gets people moving and physically responding to the music." Q4 We've heard that there are some exciting new mixes of "I Just Can't Get Enough" in the works, with a speed garage version by Young Marco already making waves on Radio 1. Can you tell us more about these mixes and how they relate to your love of house music?

Abigail Bailey: "Yes, I'm so excited about the new mixes that are coming out of 'I Just Can't Get Enough'. I've always been a fan of different genres and styles of house music, and it's been really inspiring to see how other artists are interpreting the song. The speed garage version by Young Marco is especially cool, and I think it's going to be a big hit this summer." Q5 As a singer with extensive knowledge of the house music scene, how do you envision the genre changing over the next few years and how do you aim to help it advance?

Abigail Bailey: "The house music industry is always changing and evolving, in my opinion, which is what makes it so fascinating. As artists continue to draw from all genres and techniques, I believe we'll see even more fusion and experimentation in the upcoming years. By being true to my roots and constantly pushing myself to experiment with new sounds and concepts, I aspire to contribute to that growth and development on my own."

Abigail Bailey performs at Vocal House Brunch on Saturday 25th March - click here for table bookings and more info.

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